Geb Configuration

Geb Configuration Tips

Setting up parameterized form fields

Place the GebConfig.groovy in your test/functional  folder

Then you add a block of code similar to the following:

//Values for form fields
formFields {

    //Guest donate to a Non-profit Flow: Form field parameters
    form1 {
        field1 = "value1"
        field2 = "value2"

Then you can reference those form fields in your functional tests that extend GebReportingTest like so:

String searchValueParam = browser.config.rawConfig.formFields.form1.field1

This way you can have custom fields for each form for each functional test.

Custom baseUrl

You can set a custom baseUrl as a VM parameter using the following


This will be the base URL that your pages build their static url off.  For instance your home page object with the static url

static url = /home/

Will resolve to http://localhost:8080/myApp/home/

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