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Convert Multiple Tasks to Sub-Tasks in JIRA similar to Bulk Update using Script Runner

How to Convert A Large Number of JIRA Tasks into Sub-Tasks using the Adaptavist Script Runner Plugin with JIRA In JIRA, there is no way to convert Tasks into Sub-Tasks using the built-in Bulk Update functionality.  The lack of the feature is described in many JIRA tickets and Confluence posts on the official Atlassian site such as the two listed below: There are many potential workarounds to this such as using selenium scripting to automate the conversion process using browser automation.  The best solution I have found is to use scripting within JIRA. Backup your System Before you attempt this, you should backup your JIRA instance because you potentially can make changes to tasks you did not intend. Go to System settings and scroll down to the IMPORT & EXPORT section: Backup your JIRA instance

Tired Engineers: Welcome to the Future of Coffee Automation

Welcome to the Future of Coffee Automation Introducing Brew().  A Coffee Automation system to initiate coffee brewing whenever your code quality starts to slip. Brew detects when you start writing crappy code, brews you some coffee, and empowers you to PUT DOWN THE KEYBOARD AND PICK UP THE MUG! The future of productivity for Software Engineers Brew() will save your life and the lives of your team.  Engineers depend on it. So what are you waiting for!?!?! Learn more about brew here:   Brew()