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Setup Local AWS SQS Service with Elastic MQ and Spring Cloud

Introduction Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a service on Amazon Web Services that provides a scalable message queuing service for loosely-coupled and reliable communication among distributed software components and microservices. In this article, we will setup a local Elastic MQ service, which will simulate a SQS service and use Spring Cloud to push messages to that queue. With a minimal amount of configuration, this service can be deployed to a EC2 instance and integrate with an actual SQS service. We will be focusing on the standard SQS queue. The other option, a FIFO Queue is limited to 300TPS(300 transactions per second) and is not a valid use-case for many high-throughput applications. Characteristics of a Standard SQS Queue Fully-managed, high throughput messaging queue . Standard queues have nearly-unlimited transactions per second (TPS). Designed for concurrency with multiple message producers and consumers . Multiple parts of your system can send or r