Spring Boot Internationalization with Default Locale for Message Strings

How to add Spring Boot Internationalization with Default Locale for Storing Message Strings such as Validation Messages in a message.properties file 

 This article will show you how to use a properties file to define static text in your application such as for validation message.

All the code is appended at the bottom of the article. 

You can also view all the code here: Link to Github Gist here

Add Default locale and Message Source beans to your Application class 

 Add these classes to set your default locale and configure the location of your message properties file

Add beans to your Spring Boot Application class
Add locale and MessageSource beans to your Application Class

Add a Service and Interface to retrieve message text 

 This service will pull the default locale from the session and then get the message text from your properties file using the messageSource.

Create Service to get messages by locale
Add a service to get the msgs in your props file

In your controller, use the Message service to get the message text 

 You will inject the message service in the controller and then pass in the id to get the value from the props file

Inject svc and get message from i18n props file
Inject service into your controller and get the message

Create the message.properties file in the locale folder 

 In resources, create the locale folder and then create a file called messages_en_US.properties

Create localized message props file
Create message properties file

Review the code here

You can view all the code here: Link to Github Gist here


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