Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Setup Service Rocket Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA

Setup Service Rocket Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA

Are you looking into integrating Salesforce and JIRA? The following product comes pre-installed on Cloud On-Demand JIRA instances.

Service Rocket Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA

The ServiceRocket Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA links and synchronizes Salesforce.com cases and JIRA issues for an integrated experience from either interface.

Add your Application Link to JIRA for your Salesforce instance

First you need to go into your Add-ons section and navigate to the add a application link for your Salesforce instance:

Add application link

Add your salesforce domain:

Add application link

Get your SEN Number

You will need your SEN number to setup the plugin.

Finding the JIRA Support Entitlement Number (SEN)

Acquire a Connector License

You will need to acquire a license for the Salesforce JIRA connector.  Navigate to the following link to acquire a license which will be valid for 30 days.

Get a Connector License

You will receive an email with the following heading:  "Download - Connector for Salesforce.com and JIRA"

Within the email, click on:  User Profile

Download your license

Download License

Upload your license file

Upload your license file

Setup Connector 

You will need to create a new cloud connection to your Salesforce instance using your Application Link.

For password, you will want to append your security token on the end of your password when you configure authentication.

Setup connector